What is A Freedom Pass Flex IBO?

This is the opportunity that allows us to earn income both ways in AmeriPlan®.  We have what we call income A. and Income B. 

Income A:
  • 20% to 30% Residual Income
  • Paid in a 1 to 3 month advance
  • Paid each month the business is active after the advance

Income B:
  • Earning Income A
  • Earn weekly bonuses
  • Earn 20% override on team members bonuses
With being a Freedom Pass Flex IBO you will be given EVERY membership AmeriPlan® has and you can see them all here.  In additional to being able to save thousands of dollars each year you will be able to build your back end residual income while earning weekly bonuses.

The great thing about this program is the fact that you'll have my help in earning these bonuses.  While I'm building my business and earning bonuses it will help you to trigger bonuses as well.  

For more information on our Freedom Pass Flex IBO please watch our webinar at www.APWebinar.com/SGoodknight and contact me directly with any questions you have.