ANNOUNCING New Enhancements to Our Binary Compensation Plan

AmeriPlan® just announced January 18, 2010 a new enhancement to our already phenomenal Binary Compensation Plan.  If you are not familiar with the term Binary Compensation it simply stands for 'People helping People' program.  The reason the Binary Compensation plan is so attractive is due to the national statistics that a person will sponsor on average 2.7 people.  Now, if you recruit just 2.7 people you really can't have much success right?  Well, that is not entirely correct and WHY the Binary is so great.

In a Binary Compensation plan you have 2 legs hence the name Binary.  You have the right leg and left leg with yourself at the head of it.  As you place new business it must go on the right or left leg thus helping those you've already placed within your business.  If distributors can bring in just 2 people and those people are trained to do the same, they can achieve success. 

For me the greatest advantage to the Binary Compensation plan is the fact that once I've signed my 2 distributors (which I have) all future business will be placed within the Binary Leg(s) under those that have already joined.  Doing this adds to everyone's volume and creates excitement within the business.

With a Binary Compensation plan you create what we call 'cycle bonuses'.  In order to accomplish this you must have 600.00 Bonus Volume on one leg and then 300.00 Bonus Volume on the opposite leg.  Once achieved a cycle is created.  Now, this bonus volume is the amount of money one is paying for the services of our Freedom Pass Membership.  With AmeriPlan® we can buy/sell a Freedom Pass Membership for $100/mo.  90% of this get fed into the Bonus Plan.  So, $90.00 of every $100.00 paid will be placed in this bonus pool for us to create 'cycles'.

AmeriPlan® has always had the best of the best and with our Binary Compensation we have 45% that is for our weekly cycles and then 45% for matching bonus overrides.  AmeriPlan® actually pays us 20% on all cycles paid out to our team members 5 levels deep.  This is unheard of in the Binary Plans!

AmeriPlan® just announced a new enhancement to this already spectacular compensation and that is the FACT we earn DOUBLE Bonus Volume on every new Freedom Pass Membership.  That means $200.00 BV is placed in the bonus pool for every ONE Freedom Pass Membership.  This allows for us to cycle TWICE as often.  For every 9 Freedom Pass sold ($900 BV = 1 cycle) we now initially have $1800 in BV and create 2 cycles.

Another great thing about our Binary is that all the bonus volume that is generated through our organization will remain intact until we qualify to receive it.  This is really like money sitting in the bank waiting to be withdrawn!

The AmeriPlan® Binary Compensation is a great way for one to not only build great backend residual income but also to earn great upfront bonus money.  This compensation is helping many business owners with AmeriPlan® to hit new income levels and is the reason why so many well know Network Marketers have joined in our company.

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