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My name is Susan Goodknight and I'm a wife, mom of 3 and a National Sales Director with AmeriPlan®.  I began my search for work at home in October of 2004 after we found we were expecting our 3rd child.  

For me this was a hard search because I didn't want to have parties and I didn't want to 'sell' a product.  I had searched for nearly 7 months an all hope was nearly lost.  I was contacted and given information about AmeriPlan® and here I am today building financial freedom while being home taking care of my family.

I am the mom that volunteers in class rooms, I am the mom that attends all school functions and field trips.  I'm the mom who can call off work when her kids are sick because the only person I answer to is myself. 

I have many goals for my future and the future of all others that choose to join in this venture with me.  I provide unlimited training and support so you are never alone in your business.  It is my passion to help you find success in working from home as well.  

If you like what you see then I encourage you to contact me so we can schedule a time to talk so I can help you begin your Freedom At Home Now! 

Susan Goodknight

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If you are ready to begin your business then give me a call at 800-581-3944 Request Your Interview or fill out the online application at www.JoinNationalFreedom.com and I'll immediately begin your training!