How Much To Get Started?

With AmeriPlan® we have two ways to come into the business and both with very small start up investments of either $50.00 or $150.00.  Your start up depends on how you want to join in the business.  Then with our monthly overhead we pay just $50.00 or $100.00 each month.

First I will go over the most common way a person joins in our company.  This is with our Freedom Pass Flex IBO.  

The cost to start is just $149.95 and then just $100.00 each month in IBO Fees. 

With the $100/mo fee we get:
  • Opportunity to Earn 20% to 30% Residual Income
  • Opportunity to Earn Weekly Bonuses
  • Help From Me with Earning Bonuses (Not with Upgrading Later)
  • Websites to market our business
  • Full Training & Support
  • Direct Deposit Option (When we advance)
  • Back Office
  • Corporate Support
  • Secure Net™ Membership
  • Total Health™ Membership
  • Access Saver™ Membership
  • AmeriPlan Tax & Money Matters Club™
  • Personalized Email System (free for 90 days then $14.95/mo optional)
 With this being our business we are able to claim many in home tax deductions.  Please read both of these articles to better explain how we can benefit simply by starting a home business.

If you are wanting to test this business out with the lowest investment available then our Standard IBO might be the best fit for you as you pay just $50.00 to start and a $50.00 monthly IBO Fee. 

With the $50/mo fee we get:
  • Earn 20% to 30% Residual Income (No opportunity for weekly bonuses)
  • Websites to market our business
  • Full Training & Support
  • Direct Deposit Option (When we advance)
  • Back Office
  • Corporate Support
  • Dental Plus™ Membership
  • Access Saver™ Membership 
  • Personalized Email System (free for 90 days then $14.95/mo optional)

Why Is There A Cost To Get Started?

First it needs to be understood that a person should never have to pay to work for someone else.  With AmeriPlan® you are the boss and you OWN this business.  So, you don't work FOR AmeriPlan® you work for you!  

This is a vested business that I own.  I am able to leave my business to my family should something ever happen to me.  They would inherit my business and continue to receive all of my residual income.  That is something that I found very appealing.  Just knowing that my husband will be able to stay home and raise our kids.  

With any business started there is start up costs and monthly over head costs.  Its no different when we start a business from home.  Of course our start up and over head is significantly less than other business owners. 

What is A Freedom Pass Flex IBO?

This is the opportunity that allows us to earn income both ways in AmeriPlan®.  We have what we call income A. and Income B. 

Income A:
  • 20% to 30% Residual Income
  • Paid in a 1 to 3 month advance
  • Paid each month the business is active after the advance

Income B:
  • Earning Income A
  • Earn weekly bonuses
  • Earn 20% override on team members bonuses
With being a Freedom Pass Flex IBO you will be given EVERY membership AmeriPlan® has and you can see them all here.  In additional to being able to save thousands of dollars each year you will be able to build your back end residual income while earning weekly bonuses.

The great thing about this program is the fact that you'll have my help in earning these bonuses.  While I'm building my business and earning bonuses it will help you to trigger bonuses as well.  

For more information on our Freedom Pass Flex IBO please watch our webinar at and contact me directly with any questions you have.